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Nantich iconic (NT-0001,NT-0002)

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Color: Silver

Nantich iconic (NT-0001,NT-0002)

“The 1st Signature iconic”

Chandelier earrings in the shape of a princess with Logo Brand Nantich Jewelry. Design special molding princess skirt shape and large diamond shape
Decorated with 12 Crystal Premium (size 1 mm.), imported from Austria.
Around the hem of the skirt shining with light, outstanding, definitely unique.
Specially custom made studs from pure Titanium (High quality grade for sensitive skin).
Silver body It is high quality plating with white gold (Rhodium).
golden body It is high quality plating with 22K gold (22K Gold Plated).

Size : 15 × 20 mm.

Material :
• Hypoallergenic Metal (Alloy - Nickel Free)
• Medical Titanium Post
• Rhodium Plated
• 22K Gold Plated
• Premium Crystal Selection From Austria

Tested :
• Nickel Free (Ni)
• Lead Free (Pb)
• Harmful Metal Tested
✗ Cadmium
✗ Mercury
✗ Chromium
• Test Parameter
✓ X-ray Fluorescence
XRF (in-house method: WI-IST-08 based on ASTM E1508-12a)
✓ Auto-titration
(in-house method: WI-IST-03 based on ISO11427:2014 (E))
• X-Ray Product Type Children Jewelry (US California Prop 65, CPSC)
• Certified from GIT Thailand
• Membership of BWC (Buy with Confidence) from GIT Thailand


Upon seller fullfilment
West Malaysia : 4 - 6 calendar days
East Malaysia : 5 - 11 calendar days
Singapore : 6 - 8 calendar days

Color: Silver

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