Return & Refund Policy

We totally get it, sometimes things don't go as planned. But worry not, we've got your back with our super chill Return and Refund policy. Here's how it goes down:

1. Hit Us Up: If you're feeling like "Whoa, this ain't what I ordered!" just give us a shout. Slide into our DMs, okay, not literally, just contact AnotherBangkok and fill in that cool request claim form. Oh, and don't forget to show us the receipts (aka evidence)!

2. Our Style Check: We'll do our thing and take a look at your claim. Gotta make sure it's all vibes and aligns with our groove at AnotherBangkok.

3. Let's Talk Options: We'll reach out and have a chat. Refund? Return? You call the shots, boss! We're here to make it right.

4. Let's Get That Back: Once it's all confirmed, we'll hit you up to figure out when's best to swing by and pick up the goods. We're like your fashion chauffeur back to Thailand!

One Rule to Rule Them All: Returns are all about keeping the style game strong. If you've got the wrong item, size, or color, then you're in the return party.

Stay stylish and keep vibin'!